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the obama administration predicted. i think it's a time for straight talk diplomatically and i'm sure it is is happening between the obama administration is the mubarak government. >> i was talking to a senior administration official who said that mubarak may have sent these people out to show to the people of egypt and the world that he is needed during this next eight months for this transition, that he is not going to leave right away as the u.s. has been privately telling him that he has to do, that he is needed to preserve law and order. and that is not the military doing this, these are these people, mubarak supporters who have been seen in previous elections. they are known commonly as thugs. is that a credible scenario? >> you know, it's hard to believe that the attacks by these pro mubarak forces against these peaceful demonstrators were not ashifted by the government. it seems to me reasonable to assume that there was some government comris complicit in these attacks. for large days they were peaceful in tahrir square and they were kids. there were older people. there were s
mitchell, live in washington. president obama says that government and big business have to work together in order to try to create jobs. today he told the chamber of commerce that his administration is committed to building a foundation for stronger growth. he called on business leaders to start investing in the economy again. nbc news chief white house correspondent chuck todd joins us now. what is the strategy? this is clearly the build daily white house strategy and it's evolving new relationship with business? >> reporter: and even almost to underscore the idea that he's trying to have a more personal relationship with the business community, the president walked across lafayette park to the chamber of commerce building. it's all part of this message that the obama white house wants to say that we're not against big business. what's interesting about the chamber's approach is that there seems to be a decision made by the chamber that they have to look like that they want to work with the obama white house, that it isn't necessary great politics for them, if they look more pro republi
talk to in the square feel like the obama administration has really let them down. there was a guy holding a sign today that i saw that said, yes, we can. and back to the obama campaign. and people feel that the administration has given hosni mubarak, a green light to stay in power. and that again, that's the bottom-line demand of the protesters out there. it's a very clear, obvious thing. don't want to hear about these discussions. they don't want to hear about the plans for a gradual transition. they want to see mubarak go. that's clearly not happening. that's a source of huge frustration, dare i say anger that the protesters have about the united states. clearly, the other thing is that this is really not about the united states. so much of this is about what's going on in this country. while people are mindful of what the u.s. is doing, it's not a big, big issue in the square. in the square, it's about the people and their government. and that's what this revolution is, they call it is about more so than anything else. andrea? >> ron, just do recapitulate, what robert gibbs has
ouster. >>> and today deep concerns from president obama moments ago aboardair force one as reports of more bloodshed in bahrain emerge. security forces opened fire on thousands defying a government crackdown in the capital city. we've got live reports coming from the region. >>> plus, call him the new sheriff on capitol hill. he takes aim at some sweetheart loans for congress. oversight committee chair darryl issa will join us light. >>> and the fight over spending cuts led one member of congress to make a very personal revelation. >>> plus "hardball's" chris matthews takes us behind the clinton phenomenon. >> when i was leaving the white house, i thought of myself as a guy who had been let's say a star quarterback in the nfl. >> good day, everybody. i'm norah o'donnell live in washington. andrea mitchell is off today, and we begin with the big story in wisconsin where tens of thousands of protesters are accusing the republican governor, mr. walker, of trying to balance the budget on the backs of state workers, raising health care and pension costs. in addition, protesters accuse t
, president obama left open the possibility of negotiating a bigger deal on entitlement cuts for real deficit reduction down the road. he also warned today that the recovery is still too fragile for immediate cuts now in the current-year spending. let's get right to "hardball's" host, chris matthews. the one and only chris matthews. we watched the news conference today. chris, he's playing a very delicate game here. he's trying to reassure the markets that he is looking at that deficit reduction commission, looking at entitlements, but not yet, not now. he doesn't want to go first. >> right. well, he's riding an upward curve right now in performance. he's performing well as chief executive, with the polling all showing that the market's doing fine. he doesn't want to upset that with seniors and start talking about social security cuts. everyone in that press room, as you know, you've been there so many times, pushes and pushes and pushes. come on, show some courage on entitlements. and the second he went for social security cuts or medicaid cuts, the big stoib would be, he stepped into it, he
issue of barack obama? president obama praised you back in 2007. the fact is barack obama is quietly supporting rahm emanuel, his former chief of staff. >> barack obama did not do a formal endorsement of rahm emanuel. barack obama supported me in 2007 in my race for city clerk. i served with barack obama for eight years in the illinois senate. i'm pleased with the fact that he decided not to do a formal endorsement in this race. he realizes this election should be decided by the voters in the neighborhoods of the city of chicago, not by endorsements nor by the millions of dollars that have come from will the the gentlewoman yield and wall street and washington, d.c. in support of rahm emanuel and other candidates in this race. >> one of the quotes you gave to the "chicago sun times" was when rahm emanuel was hiding under his desk because of his friendship with the clintons, i was doing the heavy lifting. i was the first latino to endorse barack obama for senate. i know i have earned the president's praise. he has spoken highly of my work in chicago's neighborhoods. do you feel the pr
. white house press secretary robert gibbs says president obama is following the breaking developments on the road in michigan. the president is scheduled to speak just 30 minutes from now. we'll, of course, bring that to you live. i'm andrea mitchell live in washington. and we begin in egypt. thousands of people are packed into liberation square, hoping for the official word that mubarak is, indeed, leaving. reports are still trickling in about what is happening behind the scenes in cairo. it appears that the egyptian military has staged a kind of silent coup to force mubarak from power. within the past hour, mubarak apparently met with vice president suleiman, who is expected to take over, at least for a transition. our coverage continues with nbc's richard engel, "nbc nightly news" anchor and managing editor, brian williams, and nbc's rachel maddow. we begin in cairo with nbc's chief foreign correspondent, richard engel, who broke this story earlier today. richard, can you bring us up to date? >> reporter: we are waiting now for president mubarak to speak. we've been told that he wi
a sharply worded warning from egypt's vice president. >>> let's move. michelle obama works to get kids to eat healthy and be active. her husband has stopped smoking. >> all the women in my husband's life want him to be healthy. >> is it possible he is going into the lincoln bedroom and sneaking a smoke? >> no. you can tell. >>> plus controversy divides conservatives ahead of their annual convention as cpac faces boycott for including gays. >>> let's do lunch. the president invites the top republican leaders for lunch. on the menu, budgets, taxes, the debt ceiling and maybe the failure to renew the patriot act for dessert. let's bring in chuck todd, co-host of the daily rundown and kelly o'donnell. you guys aren't having lunch because they are having lunch. there is a lot to cover here. >> they won't let us in. >> they won't let you in. first to you, chuck, on the president's agenda. what is he willing to give, if anything, in this first sit down with republicans? >> this is the first time they have gotten together. the president has a pretty good working relationship or at least in the
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. thank you, stephanie. >>> and for the first time, president obama has spoken out publicly, condemning the brutal violence in libya, but he's avoided mentioning gadhafi by name. officials say he doesn't want to make a bad situation worse for the americans still there. >> the suffering and bloodshed is outrageous and it is unacceptable. so are threats and orders to shoot peaceful protesters and further punish the people of libya. these actions violate international norms and every standard of common decency. this violence must stop. >> joining us now, "new york" magazine's john heilemann. john, this is a dicey situation. the president's getting criticized for not being more forceful, but at the same time, this is a lot more dangerous, because we have no reliable sources inside the country. dangerous than tunisia and even egypt. >> yes, and because we're dealing with a lunatic. i mean, it's a different -- really, the diplomacy, as you know, after covering this for all these years, you know there's a very different kind of situation that arises when you you're dealing with a leader who is
. president obama is meet wging with the nation's governors at the white house. facing $175 billion in accumulated state deficits. the president countered with a challenge and an offer. >> i also share your concern about medicaid costs. we understand the pressure you're understood. we understand that we've got to do more. i'm asking you to name a bipartisan group of governors to work with secretary sebelius on ways to lower costs and improve the quality of care for these americans. >> john harwood is cnbc's chief washington correspondent. a lot going on at the white house today. the president taking his toughest stance yet in favor of the unions, but also offering some concessions to the governors. >> an interesting balance the president struck there, andrea. on medicaid, what he says he wants a bipartisan group of governor, what doesn't want to happen is governors facing budget crunches seek waivers to throw people off the medicaid rule. so he's looking for ways both sides can agree on. that's a hedge against developments he doesn't want to happen cht he also offered them the abili
. >>> plus, a florida judge rules president obama's health care law is unconstitutional. now what? >>> good day, i'm andrea mitchell live in washington. in egypt today, night has fallen, hundreds of thousands of people are still camped out in cairo's main square and insists they will not leave until president mubarak is gone. similar protests have drawn tens of thousands of people into the streets in alexandria, suez and a half dozen other cities. the u.s. is trying to broken an exit strategy for mubarak. ambassador to egypt margaret scobie has spoken to mhomed elbardei. richard engel is live in cairo. what is the latest? you've been out on the streets all day. >> reporter: right now people are still out on the streets. the mood is quite happy. the people believe this was a successful protest. the demonstrators are not just in tahrir square. they are moving into smaller streets in the area, coffee shops are back open. people are going, having a meal, having a drink then going back to the protest. it's almost like a carnival atmosphere and if you ask many protesters, they feel they have alre
in talking to geithner this morning he has that kind of time frame. if obama is reelected and republican reelected maybe 2013 they can do a deal. meantime they have to find a way to keep the government running. >> that's where we bring in martin katy. at this point do republicans feel contrary to what happened with newt gingrich this time they have the political leverage on their side and this game of chicken really favors them to go up to the brink and beyond? >> yeah. there's an argument to be made and republicans make it it is different this time. it's not 1995. the mood among american voters is much more anti-spending and concern about the deficit. we have people covering town halls during this brief recess and they are still hearing that sort of tea party driven passion. yeah, shut down the government. don't compromise. we're hearing that sort of thing from town halls now. congress comes back monday. they have four days to figure out a compromise that's somewhere between the house cut of $60 billion and the senate cut of essentially zero. and they're going to either find another con
, fascinating "time" magazine, the comparisons between reagan and barack obama in terms of the struggles they went through in the first two years, the economy, how first elected, a lot of fascinating subplot there's. i don't think anybody will mistake barack obama's politicses for reagan's politics but i guarantee you everyone in the 2012 field will want to be seen as the heir to what reagan ushered in when elected in 1980. >> i can tell you, from a personal conversation on her last visit to washington, nancy reagan was touched by her resen resenception by barack obama ate white house and did like him. he was extraordinary in the way he reached out to her. everyone is going to claim some part of that. the president teamed to be channeling reagan at the state of the union. that does it for us this week. thank you, chris sill liillizza. that does it for "andrea mitchell reports." tamron hall a look at what's next on "news nation." hi, tamron, lady in red. >> yes, both of us, for a great cause. have a great weekend. >>> our next hour, another day of protests in cairo's main square. presiden
not stopped it from continuing. president obama says he is praying for a peaceful end to this. >> we pray that the violence in egypt will end and that the rights and aspirations of the egyptian people will be realized. >> is yemen next? tens of thousands are taking to the streets there, demanding regime change a day after the president pledged not to seek another term when his term expires in 2013. this hour, reaction to it all with washington bureau chief for al arabia television, and new america foundation's steve clemens. plus, the foreign policy challenges for the u.s. with pennsylvania senator bob casey. and speaking of pennsylvania, president obama is there today promoting jobs in a state that is critical to his re-election campaign. >> making our buildings more energy efficient is one of the fastest, easiest, and cheapest ways to save money, combat pollution, and create jobs right here in the united states of america. and that's what we're going to do. >>> good day. i am andrea mitchell live in washington. 8:00 in cairo, where night has now fallen, but tensions remain high in cairo
control over the military. we expect to get reaction from president obama just minutes away. 1:30 eastern time he's scheduled to go before reporters there in the podium. we'll bring that you to live right here on msnbc. a good day, everyone. andrea mitchell is off today. hundreds of thousands of egyptians celebrating. you can hear it. you can see it. not only at liberation square but across the country of egypt. they're chanting, egypt is free. the reaction immediate. it was intense. it followed a very brief statement from egypt's vice president two hours ago in which he said president mubarak resigned. nbc's chuck todd is watching events at the white house where we expect to hear from the president. chuck, has this become the orderly transition the white house was looking for or is this something much different? >> reporter: they're hoping it is. it was interesting this morning, lester, when word came out that hosni mubarak left cairo, a senior official made it known publicly that the white house believed this was a great first step, almost getting ahead of the eventual event that, of co
, immediate cuts and president obama threatening to veto everything in their proposal because they cut too deeply. kelly o'donnell joins us now. complicated stuff but a fierce debate already under way. what's the latest? >> reporter: in the tempo is different under the new congress with republicans in control. john boehner rps set up a free for all, letting members put as many amendments into the process instead of being sifted and planned. that has dwroadded to all of th. you've got a chance for people from all over the country here to make their own suggestions for where the trim should take place. a lot of political fighting over this because while both sides acknowledge that they need to tighten their belts, it's tough to figure out where there is agreement, if any, on what should be tried. it is one of those things where we're seeing a different sort of atmosphere on the house floor. the politics is there, but there's a frenzied nature to it because there are so many votes that will have to be taken, if they were to go with all 500. people are getting a chance to put their ideas in th
issues. so for right now, they're having a heyday criticizing president obama. i mean, the way they feel at the white house is, they don't think it actually would be conducive to a solution to have him come out with a plan that everybody would then just take shots at. that is their strategic decision. they think that's going to be the best way to accomplish what they want to accomplish, which is, as the president put it, an adult conversation about entitlements in this country. >> of course, he didn't rule out getting into that conversation. he was very clear, i thought, about -- clear about being ambiguous, i should say, at his press conference. leaving everything sort of open and we know that there are senators, from both parties, who are meeting, that's the colonel of a group that could come together eventually and create a larger conversation about a grand bargain. but on the house side, you've got a divided republican party and democrats in a completely different place. >> absolutely. and i mean, there's so much going on right now because the hill, the republicans are looking to cut
with governor scott walker. check your local listings. >>> up next, president obama hosts the democratic governors at the white house in advance of the national governors association meetings. last night the president and the first lady celebrated the music of motown. a star studded concert set to air on pbs march first. smokey robinson, stevie wonder singing their classics. while jamie foxx tried to get president obama to show off his moves. ♪ staying on the scene a presidential machine -- you ready to dance for me? wait a minute. you not going to dance for me just a little bit? come on, man. i saw you on "ellen." that definitely was not the black side of you. i'm sam chernin, owner of sammy's fish box. i opened the first sammy's back in 1966. my employees are like family, and i want people that work for me to feel that they're sharing in my success. we purchase as much as we can on the american express open gold card so we can accumulate as many points as possible. i pass on these points to my employees to go on trips with their families. when my employees are happy, my customers are
secretary of state clinton about the violent protests in libya. we have the latest reaction from the obama administration. and now that moammar gadhafi says he's going to die a martyr, we'll take a look at what could happen next. the impact this could have on what you pay for gas. here in the united states, some are predicting $5 a gallen. >>> searching for survivors in new zealand after that powerful earthquake earlier. dozens are dead. many more still missing. and americans are helping in the desperate search. who's your som? campbell's healthy request can help. low cholesterol, zero grams trans fat, and a healthy level of sodium. it's amazing what soup can do. go to e-trade and tap into the power of revolutionary mobile apps to trade wherever, whenever. life isn't experienced sitting idly by. neither is investing. e-trade. investing unleashed. what was i thinking? but i was still skating on thin ice with my cholesterol. anyone with high cholesterol may be at increased risk of heart attack. diet and exercise weren't enough for me. i stopped kidding myself. i've been eating healthier, exe
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